• Ellen Dionna

Peace amid Chaos

We live in disturbing, even frightening, times. I will not go down a list of assaults on our psyches these days have brought. We are all well aware of the news, the alarms. What we may have lost sight of in the onslaught are the islands of peace we may find as we move through our days. If we are spiritually grounded we can tap into a wellspring of peace, and even joy, that is perennial. If. Even brief times of closing our eyes and feeling the rise and fall of our own breath can center us, offer us images of tranquility, memories of comfort. What images of serenity and loveliness steady and buoy you? The calm clarity of a mountain lake, the grandeur and longevity of a towering tree, the delicate beauty of a rose--all beauty, all endurance, all elemental splendor is available to us, and when we breathe it in with deep reverential contemplation we find balance, we come home to our souls. It is not that we deny the challenges, the dangers--it is that we know that a practice of stillness, solitude, and silence brings these touchstones of grace. We know we can transport ourselves for sustaining moments--this moment, and the moment with the next breath--into Beauty, into Compassion, into Peace. Breathe in this autumnal beauty--the glory of seasonal change moves us to a place of timeless reassurance, into trust. Remember--leaves dance when they let go....

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