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"I met Ellen several years ago when I had made a significant leap of faith to complete my Bachelors degree at York College of PA. In an attempt to get to know the community of York, I attended a service at the Unitarian Universalist Church where Ellen was a member. I will never forget how riveted I was as she described an encounter with a Bald Eagle she had seen on her way back from a visit to her previous home in Vermont . Displaced and overrun by all the changes that had suddenly become my life, I intuitively knew that Ellen represented a light for me to follow.


It was Ellen's presence that spoke of the the inner wisdom that exists within us all. The excavation of this inner wisdom can be elusive, yet it is the teacher, we are told, who will appear when we are ready to discover it.


Ellen continues to be my teacher, in spite of my own ebbs and flows. And as I attempt to master the lessons that have become my life, she is my teacher, steadfast and unwavering in her love and belief that I am a piece of the same fabric that is the eagle, that is the Divine, in me and all that follow."


Lauren DixonKnatz




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