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"About three years ago, I was attending a local spiritual gathering when Ellen approached me concerning a golden bear pendant I wore around my neck. She asked if it were a part of my 'totem'. I only partially knew what she meant, but I answered that I didn't think that it was. Later that day, I sought her out and asked her what prompted her to ask me the question.


Starting with that brief but enticing conversation, a few short weeks later, I began visiting Ellen a couple times each month. She has worked with me energetically, coached me through visualization, shamanic journey and past-life regression. She has counseled me through difficult day-to-day decisions as well as deep rooted personal understandings.


Ellen has been warm and open and above all, she has always encouraged me to grow and become more open to the energy surrounding me."


Louisa Stewart


In our culture we have become alienated from Nature and our Earth Mother. This alienation often contributes to mental and physical disorders and the malaise of soul-loss. Together we will engage compassionate spirits and guides to facilitate healing and restore personal power and soulful living. Through personal ritual and relationship with totems and guides, the client restores natural balance.


In the shamanic worldview the natural world is ensouled and the spirit realm offers itself to help humans walk the earth in a sacred way, with reverence for all beings. Shamanic healing engages these spirits and our wise ancestors who can provide guidance and healing energies.

"I have worked with energy healers and shamans all over the world. Ellen is by far one of the best I have ever worked with. Not only did I feel completely safe working with her, I also received a healing that changed my life. She is the full package. My sessions with her changed my life and gave me skills that have helped me so much in my life. I continue to use them to this day. I am very grateful to be able to work with such a caring person.


Denise Gross

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