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  • Ellen Dionna

Call for Love Beyond

"We are all haunted by a song we scarcely know how to hear."

In my second reading of Anne Hillman's extraordinary book, AWAKENING THE ENERGIES OF LOVE, that sentence struck a soul chord.

This is the essence of human longing. This turning our ear to catch the faint, nostalgic strains of song--to hear the cascade of notes that will carry our souls into Divine Belonging--into Onening--and the faint notes and the essential rests between them strike the tuning fork of our Being--each individual's being--calling us, guiding us home. Our own grace notes....

It's as if we each are incarnated with a singular code cast in mystical music of of the Universal Yes, and we intuit this, so seek, ears crinkling with the effort of listening, until, with deep practice, and deeper Love we hear the Diving Creation's signature song of our Soul's Longing.

Perhaps it is that signature song infants hear for the first months of new incarnation, reassuring them, tethering them to the Divine Reality, until they leave the known of those notes, and accompanied by their Angels, move more fully into human engagement.

Rilke wrote of God speaking to the soul about to be incarnated:

These are the words we dimly hear:

You, sent out beyond your recall,

Go to the limits of your longing.

Embody me.

Make Me incarnate, God instructs--that is the fierce, terrifying delegation each of us bears--and as such, each of us at core a perfect expression, incarnate, of the Divine One--we must, as Jesus taught us, as Mary taught Jesus, and Mary Magdalene lived out, "Love one another." That is why each of us came--simply to love one another, to be a heart-flame of the Divine Mystery.

It is the conditions of our humanity that pollutes and perverts that perfection--and it is the essence of our humanity that we must "harness for God the energies of Love," as Teilhard believed would be the second discovery of Fire. We must, in our time, help one another listen for the signature notes of her own divine songline, and in this way live into our divine destiny.

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