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"Ellen is a mature woman imbued with a mystic spirit and imagination, a poet and an experiencer of the soul's journey. She has not only journeyed herself, but has led many others in their quest for a deeper participation in the real...


She connects readily and easily with people and is able to bring a deep psychological perspective to all of her spirtual 'walk' and guidance. She also brings her intellect, creativity and articulateness to all her endeavors."


Stephen C. Fisher

Pastoral Counselor

Spiritual Collage

Ellen is a collage and watercolor artist who helps others use collage to access their soul-dreams and personal symbols and create art for healing, growth, and for aligning with one's highest destiny.


Workshop participants learn about their deep longings and purpose and how to compose images into works of art that even the "non-artist" can use to help find clarity and fulfillment.


Some of Ellen's collage pieces are available as notecards or prints:

5 x 7 Notecards are $3.50 per card

5 and 6 Card Sets are $15-$18 per set

11 x 14 Print on Mat are $15


Click on each small image below to see a slide show.

To purchase any of these images or to order notecards or prints, please contact Ellen Dionna (717) 781-3269 or email

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