"With her mastery of social work and several spiritual traditions, she helped to generate in me a renewed enthusiasm for life... Ellen was instrumental in saving my life and in helping me to live after the darkness had passed...


I have always been amazed at her dedication to service: to her fellow human beings, to her community, and to the natural world. She is one of the most open-hearted people I have had the pleasure of knowing, and her skills in several forms of healing are prolific. Her experiential familiarity with birth, death, and disease have led her to embrace these natural cycles as comfortably as the joy of living, and she is a conduit, allowing others to do the same without fear of judgement.."


Robin Van Loon

Healer and Ecologist, Founder of Camino Verde Foundation

Spiritual Guidance

Ellen helps thoses who desire to become more intentional about their spiritual life and practice. Using multi-dimensional approaches the client deepens heart attunement and awareness of her/his unique needs along the spiritual path. Together, she and her clients create sacred space to engage in the personal search for life's deepest meaning.


By enriching one's spiritual life one becomes more effective and deeply happy. In this way the Holy imbues daily life and one's path becomes truly sacred.



Ellen provides Spiritual Direction sessions in hour-long phone contact with clients throughout the world. Depth connection results and clients report great satisfaction with the unique intimacy such counsel allows, not unlike the sacredness of conversation that takes place in darkness and is thus more highly charged with revelation.


As with clients seen in her office, Ellen includes art, poetry, spiritual journaling and practices of prayer and meditation with her phone clients.


To inquire about this mode of spiritual work, contact Ellen Dionna (717) 781-3269 or email at ellendionna@comcast.net



"In the past 2 years I have struggled through some life changing events with a great sense of loss and loneliness. I began a spiritual journey in finding myself and to become the person I was created to be. My journey led me to seek professional guidance with Ellen. Initially I had some doubt in the benefits of long distance sessions over the phone. After our first meeting my doubts slipped away, Ellen has a presence that is clearer than some who are sitting right next to you. Her compassion, knowledge and professionalism radiate the distance between us.


It has been seven months now and with her assistance I have grown in ways I had only dreamed of. Ellen has been a powerful director in my journey to this point, and I look forward to continuing our professional relationship. I am grateful."


Liz Steele


Dover, Pennsylvania.  Tel: (717) 781-3269

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