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"Ellen reaches students of all learning styles and abilities. Her depth of knowledge informs her work, and students find themselves holding ideas from Plato and particle physics side by side... She counsels with compassion and acceptance."


Sparrow Alden

Director of Religious Education

Ongoing Events

A year-long course in spiritual exploration and development created and run by Ellen Dionna, to be held in four fabulous weekend sessions.


Our Dance with the Mystery is as old as the human capacity for wonder and awe.


Together we will:

  • explore spiritual concepts alongside quantum physics

  • consider ancient temples and mythological & personal archetypes


And we will deepen spiritual experience through:

  • writing and poetry

  • art

  • meditation practices

  • guided imagery


Through this synthesis of content we will discover the spiritual joys of Practice, Passion, Purpose, and Play. Participants are expected to commit to the entire course.


The course fee is $360 which may be paid in monthly installments.


Sessions are held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in York, PA. Each new enrollment beginning in September.


The course is limited to 12 participants annually.


$100 of the fee for the first session is considered to be a non-refundable deposit.


For futher information contact Ellen Dionna (717) 781-3269 or email at





Rev Ellen Dionna is available to perform wedding ceremonies. She counsels and works with couples to create personal spiritual unions for the most sacred and joyous celebration of their love.


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